Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans

Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans

Easy To Follow Pirate ship playhouse plans illustrated instructions – Construction Blue Prints, How to Videos for Ship Featured Above!  Read Customer Comments

In addition to offering PLANS – We can build it for you too! 

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   2 ship sizes now! 18′x8′ & 10′x6′

Not your “Run of The Mill” pirate ship playhouse plans! But.. “Wow the Socks Off” your kids pirate ship plans!  See our Castle Playhouse Plans also!

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This is a great choice on plans for building a pirate ship playhouse.

Hello, I am Steve Chancey the creator of Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans. If you have been looking for plans for building a pirate ship playhouse like the one pictured above then you have made it to the right place. After realizing I couldn’t afford to spend $5,000 on a pre-built ship I decided to build a diy pirate ship playhouse for my son. I searched high and low looking for kids pirate ship plans. When I came up empty handed I decided to design a ship around one of my Son’s (9 yr old) ideas. He had several pirate ship playground plans in mind. Yes, he was pretty specific about what he wanted. Well this is what resulted. Since making these available I have had the pleasure of helping 100′s families save right at $4,000 by building this backyard pirate ship themselves.

Look At The Benefits Offered with These Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans

24 Pages of Blue Prints Written in Non-Technical Language
Pirate ship playset plans illustrated
Step by Step Approach
Material List
Each Step Is Video Illustrated As Well
Pirate ship playhouse kit (Really not a kit-everything but materials)
Full Support by Phone or Email
Huge Savings When You “DO IT YOURSELF”


I have had many tell me, “this ship appears too complicated to build myself”! Of course those who used my pirate ship playhouse plans tell me it was not that difficult to build this ship and create a pirate themed backyard as they imagined. I am told over and over the “videos” made everything much easier. So if you are concerned about building this pirate ship playhouse plans diy project due to lack of skills, rest easy, help is just a video or phone call away!

Don’t be intimidated by this backyard pirate ship playhouse!

Using my pirate ship playhouse plans you’ll easily accomplish this build for your children. You stand to save too much to not “do it yourself”! Help by Email, phone and video replies to name a few are available  when you build backyard pirate ship! These are the best and so far only Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans of this nature on the Internet.


Tureic Cordis says:

I am a kindergarten teacher who would love to have this play structure at school. Have you had any other teachers/principals build it at their schools. I have grandpas willing to do the work and I have $1000.00 for materials saved up. Do you think it is doable for a small private school?

admin says:

I see no reason why you can’t do it.


b wallace says:

I’m about to tackle a pirate playhouse idea for my sons birthday. I’m kicking around ideas on what I really want., and your plans seem great. Before I decide ot buy though, can you tell me what the clearance is below the deck in the front half of the ship? Thanks.

admin says:

The celarance is about 3.5′. This can be adjusted up or down rigjht off the plans.

Steve – PirateShipPlayhousePlans.com

Joe boyett says:

I am very pleased with this ship it took me around 45 to 50 hours to finish

I can not do the crows nest until I pull the ship out of the barn Christmas eve but I am very impressed with the final product

Thank you
Joe Boyett

Bill says:

the link would not work but I would like to take a closer look and consider this project, on a larger scale, for my grand-kids…

admin says:

Which link are you referring to?

Steve – PirateShipPlayhousePlans.com

Al DeMaio says:

purchased level 1 plans, haven’t received photos. What up

admin says:

Sorry for the confusion! The photos are within the “plans” zip file folder. Let me know if you don’t find it and I can get it right out.

Steve – PirateShipPlayhousePlans.com

Ray says:

Steve, we are eagerly getting ready to start this project this Saturday and are in desperate need of getting the password for the video link based on our recent purchase. Can you please send us the password or link to access the videos so we can familiarize ourselves with some of the nuances of pulling it all together? We love the detailed diagrams and photos and believe the videos will be the perfect compliment for us.


admin says:

Absolutely, the code will be sent encrypted. You may have overlooked the video access info in the zip files. I am glad you are pleased!

Steve – PirateShipPlayhousePlans.com

Clarke says:

Just thought of another question. Think that crow’s nest is sturdy enough to maybe hook a zip line to a tree in the yard?


admin says:

Yes, it can be beefed up to accomodate that app!

Steve – pirateshipplayhouseplans.com

Clarke says:

I love the look of this pirate ship. You’ve done a great job planning it out by the looks of it. I was wondering if the ship can be made as photoed here and then have the swing and slide added in the future without too much hassle, or if you’d advise to add those on when you do the initial build? Do the plans include how to modify it for the slide and swing or is that purchased separately?

Thanks again and very cool!


admin says:

You can add swings and slides later- not much trouble. Yes the instructions are included with the plans!

Steve – Pirateshipplayhouseplans.com

Tom says:

Steve, my son and I are going to build this ship. However, we would like to make it a little smaller. Can we easily scale the plans for a smaller ship?

Great site! We are excited to have found this information. Any help is appreciated.


susan says:

I would love to see this in my backyard, the kids would love this!

admin says:

Hi, This is Steve! Please let me know what you would like to have seen here. What are you looking for if this ship didn’t do it for you? Any suggestions very welcome! Have a Great Day!!!

Your thoughts – Plans too costly?, Ship too big?, Too small?

admin says:

Currently there is just this one size. You can easily minipulate the size yourself right off these plans, And yes all lenghts and angles are spelled oout. If you choose the package you can get a video “step by step” guide along with the plans.

Steve – PirateShipPlayhousePlans.com