Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans

Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans

Easy To Follow Pirate ship playhouse plans illustrated instructions – Construction Blue Prints, How to Videos for Ship Featured Above!  Read Customer Comments

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Not your “Run of The Mill” pirate ship playhouse plans! But.. “Wow the Socks Off” your kids pirate ship plans!  See our Castle Playhouse Plans also!

This is a great choice on plans for building a pirate ship playhouse.

Hello, I am Steve Chancey the creator of Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans. If you have been looking for plans for building a pirate ship playhouse like the one pictured above then you have made it to the right place. After realizing I couldn’t afford to spend $5,000 on a pre-built ship I decided to build a diy pirate ship playhouse for my son. I searched high and low looking for kids pirate ship plans. When I came up empty handed I decided to design a ship around one of my Son’s (9 yr old) ideas. He had several pirate ship playground plans in mind. Yes, he was pretty specific about what he wanted. Well this is what resulted. Since making these available I have had the pleasure of helping 100′s families save right at $4,000 by building this backyard pirate ship themselves.

Look At The Benefits Offered with These Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans

24 Pages of Blue Prints Written in Non-Technical Language
Pirate ship playset plans illustrated
Step by Step Approach
Material List
Each Step Is Video Illustrated As Well
Pirate ship playhouse kit (Really not a kit-everything but materials)
Full Support by Phone or Email
Huge Savings When You “DO IT YOURSELF”


I have had many tell me, “this ship appears too complicated to build myself”! Of course those who used my pirate ship playhouse plans tell me it was not that difficult to build this ship and create a pirate themed backyard as they imagined. I am told over and over the “videos” made everything much easier. So if you are concerned about building this pirate ship playhouse plans diy project due to lack of skills, rest easy, help is just a video or phone call away!

Don’t be intimidated by this backyard pirate ship playhouse!

Using my pirate ship playhouse plans you’ll easily accomplish this build for your children. You stand to save too much to not “do it yourself”! Help by Email, phone and video replies to name a few are available  when you build backyard pirate ship! These are the best and so far only Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans of this nature on the Internet.

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