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Thank you all for sending in your photos! Keep’em coming!!!


1Reduced                                                                                                                                            This is a client built small ship recently finished and they did an excellent job!!


Hello Steven,
I finally finished my pirate ship. It was a lot of fun and quite a bit of work. We decided to satin it and add a third yard arm.
Thanks a million for all the help, the videos answered a lot of questions,
Richard McCool



From David Whitehead:
After 8 long nights after work by myself , she’s finally done. Just a few loose ends like trim and benches inside. Waiting for the crows nest until he turns 4 or 5. My son absolutely loves it. Thanks Steven.



Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of the finished ship. Thank you so much for the plans you put together. I deviated slightly but the plans were exactly what I was looking for. We’re looking forward to the look on the grand-kids eyes when they board her for the first time. Thank you, I had a blast with this.

Dennis Carter
Gainesville, FL




Hi Steve,

I bought the plans last May and started the ship in June, completing it on August 1st. It turned out well. Attached are some photos I thought you’d like to see. It’s snowed in right now, but looking forward to spring to get grand kids and others back on it.

Thanks for making this possible. Couldn’t have done it without your plans.

Mike Turner
Elk Ridge, Utah




Thank you again for your help with the ship. When we talked on the
phone back in March, I said that I’d send you on some of the finished
photos. I had to modify the plans a little (no crow’s nest or mast
due to county code restrictions) and I did the benches inside a little
differently. I just thought you’d want to see the finished product.

The plans worked wonderfully. Ever since it was close to being done,
my two boys have been out there every day and my back yard is becoming
the new “hot spot” for kids in the neightborhood (which is a good
thing). Thank you again!

Jason Mann


From JJorden

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