Treating Your Lumber With A Sealer


I found Thompson’s Water Seal to be a great product for all your wood sealing needs.

Here is a brief “How To Seal Your Wood”!  I sealed my deck today so that is my example but use same process for the Pirate Ship too!




I have found 2 different Thompson products available at most stores. The one you want is clear wood protector. It will actually darken your seasoned wood just a touch to maintain the new wood look. The other offered allows your wood to grey out naturally. I prefer it to look fresh.

If you have fresh pressure treated lumber like “Yellow Wood” you may need to wait a couple months before trying to seal. If your wood is still beading water it will not take a seal yet. So give it a water beading test – just pour some water onto surface and see if it soaks it up. If the wood soaks up the water then you are good to go ahead and seal with Thompson’s!



The first thing you want to do is clear off all furniture and or anything you don’t want to seal.

You will need to pressure wash, just with water, all surfaces. Either borrow or rent a small gas powered pressure washer.



When pressure washing don’t get so close you tear up the wood. You just want to remove as much dirt and silt as possible.

Spray off all surfaces – in this case rails and deck boards.




You may have some cracks and split areas! No worries, you’ll be able to seal these right up.

After you have washed all areas you must wait for wood to be completely dry before sealing



Don’t dilute the sealer – use as supplied. I apply with a cheap garden sprayer like this one I paid $9 for today at Ace Hardware (They’re on sale right now) Spray an even coat on all surfaces and don’t puddle the sealer. Make sure no rain is expected for 24 hours. Allow 24 hours to dry. A second coat may be needed!


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